Saratoga Snippets: A Buffalo Favorite Comes to Saratoga

Saratoga Snippets: A Buffalo Favorite Comes to Saratoga
Buffalo's Spot Coffee opens in downtown Saratoga
Dan De Federicis

February 9 2013

Well let’s hope this latest storm isn’t a sign of things to come for the second half of winter.  But the first half was pretty darn good wasn’t it?  While we’re all digging out, here’s what I’m thinking.

* Well Chowderfest sure was a success.  Margarita and I made it there with a few friends, and we even got our picture in the Times Union photo gallery.  (Saratoga Wire had a great photo album up as well) I just hope Chowderfest doesn’t become so successful (read: crowded) that it becomes a burden to attend.  Some lines were very long, and while they moved quickly, some people just get turned off to crowds.

* Chowderfest is over.  On deck: Saratoga Beer Week.  I hate to rain on that parade, but I’m just not feelin’ it.  That’s just me, and I hope thousands of people come to the Spa City and fill our hotels, shops, and restaurants.

* I finally made it to the refurbished Wilton Branch of the Saratoga YMCA.  I didn’t realize how big the additions – both of them - were, and the equipment is really cutting edge.  It goes without saying it’s a thousand times better than the old facility, which was still better than many Y’s I’ve been to over the years, but still showing its wear.  I still am partial to the West Side facility, which – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – is now a comparably older facility, but I just like it at the Saratoga branch.  Nonetheless the Wilton facility has its own identity, and it’s a good one.

* I stopped into PJ’s Barbecue for some takeout earlier this week.  Going to PJ’s in the winter will still take some getting used to, but apparently others already have gotten into the swing of it because the lot had plenty of cars in it and there were plenty of customers both dining in and getting take-out.  And the best part? PJ the DJ is spinning the tunes inside right in the dining room.

* One of the reasons I like PJ’s is that both PJ and Carolyn Davis are from my hometown of Buffalo.  Another food establishment with Buffalo roots is Spot Coffee, which just opened on Wednesday in the Market Place on Division Street and Railroad Place.  I was the fourth overall customer in the place (at least that’s what they told me) and it has a nice clean and bright feel to it.  Oh and the coffee was fresh, hot, and good.

* Did you catch this House of the Week in the Times Union’s Places and Spaces blog?

* Wow! Bow Tie Cinemas sure is betting big on the Saratoga Region, aren’t they?  Maybe you caught the article here on Saratoga Wire.

Around and about:

* Hattie’s has a lunch deal on Groupon, but I’m not sure when it expires.

* Here’s the latest from Saratoga Arts

* Valentines Day and more from DZ Restaurants

* The Wishing Well also has a Valentines Day offer.  Don’t forget they will be opening a new place in the former Turf Club/Springwater Inn location.

OK folks that’s it for now.  Hope you all ride out the storm OK.

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