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Bow Tie Cinemas Adds 8-Screen Wilton Cinema to Saratoga Springs' 11 Screens

Bow Tie Cinemas Adds 8-Screen Wilton Cinema to Saratoga Springs' 11 Screens
Bow Tie Cinemas Comes to Wilton
Thomas Dimopoulos

February 6 2013

Less than 24 hours after the Regal Entertainment Group announced they will be closing their Wilton Mall cinema on Feb. 18, Bow-Tie Cinemas has announced they will open a "deluxe, first-run cinema" in the Wilton Mall in November.

The theater will feature a “BTX Xtreme” large format auditorium with a 2,000 square-foot screen and seven other screening rooms, said Joe Masher, chief operating officer of Bow-Tie Cinemas on Wednesday afternoon.

The company’s eight-screen cinema in Wilton will complement the previously proposed Saratoga Springs movie theater, which is currently under construction and will open in July, Masher said. 

Bow-Tie Cinemas, which operates Movieland in Schenectady, announced in October they will operate Criterion Cinemas 11 in the Spa City on a 20-year-lease. The theater will open just west of Broadway on Railroad Place, at the site of a former Price Chopper supermarket, which is currently being reconfigured to house the 11-screen theater.

The Saratoga Springs theater will have a total capacity of 1,800 seats and feature a “Bow Tie X-treme” auditorium with a giant 2,000 square-foot screen. It is part of an $18 million construction project which will also include retail rental space.

With eight screens in Wilton and 11 in downtown Saratoga Springs, Masher said as many as 19 different movies may be shown on any given day, although there may be some overlap. The city theater will specialize in “upscale Hollywood and independent films,” while Wilton will feature Hollywood blockbuster movies, he said. 

Jewel Gallagher, regional marketing manager at Regal Entertainment Group, said the company's Wilton and Latham locations will close Feb. 18.



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