Saratoga Snippets: Thirsty Owl Almost Ready to Open

Saratoga Snippets: Thirsty Owl Almost Ready to Open
The Thirsty Owl could open in February
Dan De Federicis

January 25 2013

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!  I’m ready to kick a groundhog in the teeth if he sees his stupid shadow.  Meanwhile, here’s what one hypothermic  Saratogian is thinking:

* On Saturday I stopped into The Thirsty Owl Wine Tasting Room at the corner of South Broadway and Lincoln Avenue and met owner Tim Cupp.  The place still is not finished, but it looks great and Cupp, who sure seemed like a nice fella, should be commended for turning the once forlorn Kimberly Inn into the beautiful building it had the potential to become.  He said the place is about a month away from being finished.

* Wow there sure is plenty of construction going on downtown.   Bonacio’s new building on Broadway (Lillian’s lot) and of course the Railroad Avenue Price Chopper conversion into a movie theater sure are prominent projects, but I also saw plenty of site preparation going on over at Lake Avenue and Pavilion Row (next to the Parting Glass).  That is the site of the Pavilion Grand condo and mixed use building that has been on the drawing board for a number of years now.  Empty condos be damned – it looks like this project is going forward at least to some degree.  It will be interesting to see if they actually start building the structure, or simply get the site ready and then go to standby mode.  The sign facing Lake Avenue shows a web site – www.paviliongrand.com – but I tried it and it just came up an error.  That’s not necessarily a confidence builder for a prospective buyer considering plopping down (the originally announced) $1.7 million dollars for a condo there.

Site preparation is underway

* The period from 2006 to the present saw Saratoga Springs represented by five, count ‘em, five different members of Congress in the House of Representatives.  Through unusually competitive elections, Senatorial appointments, and redistricting, we’ve seen the comings and goings of John Sweeney, Kirsten Gillibrand, Scott Murphy, and Chris Gibson.  The difference between those four prior Representatives and our current Congressman, Paul Tonko?  The four prior Representatives had district offices in Saratoga Springs.  Tonko to date has not opened, nor has he announced plans to open, a district office in Saratoga Springs.  Hmmmmm, looks like our elected officials should get on that one.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease – or a district office.


* I found a new small business that opened on Broadway.  Greater than Sports opened on second floor space above Impressions of Saratoga.  I stopped in and said hello to the new owners – I guess the place can best be described as selling custom made shirts and jerseys – whether they’re for your athletic team or business (“Saratogawire.com” golf shirts?  C’mon Jonathan and Dale, let’s get going on some promo items!).  That description probably doesn’t do the place justice, so stop in or check out the new business’ web site.

* Something is going in the former Saratoga Wine exchange building on Phila – off the Spring Street Parking lot.  I saw some construction workers inside gutting the place.  They were tight lipped about what was going on there, so if anyone knows please make a comment.

Around and about:

* Saratoga Coffee Traders has a 20% off coupon, but you have to come in with “a buddy.” 

* The Saratoga Regional YMCA wants you to come to their 2013 Annual Campaign Kickoff Party.

* Sundays are looking interesting at Boca Bistro and Forno Bistro as well.

* Check out Maestro’s February moments, as well as a Chowderfest preview.


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