Saratoga Snippets: Putnam Opening Imminent

Saratoga Snippets: Putnam Opening Imminent
A downtown parking lot being transformed
Dan De Federicis

January 18 2013

Here we go this week:

* If you find yourself near a TV or simulcast center this holiday weekend, there will be two Kentucky Derby prep races held – The Grade 3 Lecompte on Saturday, and the Smarty Jones on Monday.  Under the new Kentucky Derby points system, the top four finishers in each of these races will earn 10, 4, 2, and 1 points respectively to use as qualifying points to get into the Kentucky Derby.  You can view the Kentucky Derby prep schedule, which lists the upcoming qualifying races, here.

* It’s that time of the year when you can look at the newer condos in town and find that a vast majority of them are dark.  Sure, that’s because many of them have never been sold in the first place, but even the established projects on Railroad Place have mostly dark windows.  It’s still good for the tax base to have people owning and paying taxes on condos, even if they rarely make appearances after Labor Day, but it sure doesn’t add to our city’s vibrancy.

Putnam's Market ready to open?

* Putnam Market has been closed for renovations, but according to its Facebook page the owners are tentatively planning to open back up on Friday January 18th.  I’ve mentioned before how the owners seem to be assertively maintaining their presence amongst new competition by creating new niches (i.e. cheese room) and now with this renovation.  Putnam Market is one of the things that makes our city unique and wonderful, and this new renovation, with the deli across the back wall and tables in the front at the windows, will make it even better.

* The Inn at Saratoga is also undergoing “major renovations” according to its Facebook Page.  You may notice some of the work from the outside, as the posting notes it has a new paint job and “bright new shutters.”  Take a look at Saratoga’s “oldest lodging house,” built nearly 30 years before the Adelphi Hotel, next time you’re on that stretch of Broadway. 

* Hooray!  Not only is a new restaurant going into the vacant Springwater Inn location on Union Avenue, but it’s being opened by the respected owners of the Wishing Well Restaurant.  That is great news.

* Next Summer, the “housewares, design, and lifestyle store” on Broadway near the City Center has closed that location and the owners are looking for a new Spa City location, according to the store’s Facebook page.  The owners cited “ongoing high drama” with the landlord being part of the reason for their move.  Imagine that, a commercial landlord in Saratoga Springs being difficult to deal with.

* The new Bonacio building in the Lillians lot sure is going up at a good clip.  The tall construction crane and the building’s superstructure sure have a prominence on Broadway as you walk or drive down Saratoga’s main thoroughfare.  I am glad we have new buildings going up in our beautiful downtown. How many upstate cities have new bookstores and movie theaters being built in their downtowns?  Probably just one – Saratoga Springs.

Around and about:

* SPAC’s latest membership drive includes the benefit of members getting early access to live nation events. The Mardi Gras fundraiser also has one day remaining.

* Two places to quickly get online coupons are the Clipper Magazine (wherever you are – just punch in your zip code) or locally through Saratoga Mama.  Then there’s always Groupon, which has its share of Saratoga deals.  If you know of others, please share them here.

* Rumor control:  Crystal and Colin Maclean of Sperry’s and Circus Café are opening a new steakhouse in the old Brindisi’s/Russo’s location.  Well, at least that’s what a commenter said on one of the blogs.  Again it’s just a rumor, but thought I’d pass it along.

* Interesting job postings:  The Healthy Living Market at the Wilton Mall is looking to fill a number of positions, Spot Coffee has openings for baristas and line cooks, and someone is looking for a “dog walker and buddy” for their 7-month old Newfoundland puppy.  The job pays $10-20 an hour, and comes with “unconditional fluffy love.”  Well, I found my new career.

OK folks, that’s it for now.  Have a great weekend!



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