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Saratoga Wire Announces First Winner in “The Hunt”

Saratoga Wire Announces First Winner in “The Hunt”
The McLain family celebrating their win
Dale Willman

January 8 2013

A Saratoga family has become the first group to find one of three prizes available in “The Hunt,” a city-wide treasure hunt sponsored by Saratoga Wire.

Leslie McLain, along with family members Shon, Katie and Michael, discovered a token and have claimed a package of gift certificates from area businesses valued at $230. Included in the package were certificates for Dawgdom, Saratoga Salsa and Spice, Country Corner Café, the Irish Times, Mill Creek Golf, Simple Bliss Day Spa, Saratoga Strike Zone and the Spa City Packs.

McClain notified The Wire by e-mail, saying, “I've been calling everyone – we are so excited!” And she says she’s been obsessed with The Hunt, “And encouraging my family to do the same.”

“We saw the signs – Katie pointed it out to me. We saw the signs to win the silver coins, and they were down on the corner coming towards school. And I went on-line, having no idea what to expect, and before I knew it I was completely hooked.”

McClain says their participation in The Hunt has been a family affair. Each member of the family has been involved on some level in their search. And the night they found the prize token, everyone was there.

“The clue came out at night. It was dark out, it was cold out. Shon had a cold, and was in his pajamas by the fire. And I said, ‘Everybody get dressed – we’re going out to win The Hunt.’ And he looked at me like I was absolutely crazy, and said, ‘we’ll go in the morning.’ And I said, no, no no, everybody else is going to wait until the morning. Get your coats on. And sure enough we went over there with four little flashlights and did what we had to do in the dark until we found it.”

McClain credits her daughter Katie in part for the find. “Katie led me in the right direction, where I actually touched it. It was a group effort.”

The Hunt involves a search for three treasures, including a grand prize of 1,000 silver coins. Details on how to participate can be found here. The first 200 individuals to unlock all the clues will win a $5 gift certificate to Plum Dandy.

Still remaining to be found is an additional package of gift certificates, as well as the grand prize of 1,000 silver coins.

McLain says she and the rest of the family, meanwhile, are still at it, and they hope to win more prizes. But whether they do or not, she says it has been an enjoyable thing for all of them to do. “We have had so much fun. Definitely pouring over the clues and brainstorming together. But we’ve also enjoyed having these family outings all over town.”

    Leslie McLain on January 13 2013

    We had an AWSOME time!!!!-Katie

    • Leslie McLain on January 13 2013

      ...and by AWSOME I mean AWESOME!!!


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