Police Chase Leads to DWI Arrest, Several Totaled Vehicles

Police Chase Leads to DWI Arrest, Several Totaled Vehicles
The end of a late night police chase (Photos courtesy Saratoga PD)
Dale Willman

January 1 2013

A 25 year old man from Johnsonville NY led Saratoga police on a chase through a portion of the city early Tuesday morning before hitting two parked cars and a police cruiser with his vehicle.

Police say an officer noticed Aaron Elliot turning left onto Broadway from the right-hand lane of Lake Avenue just after one in the morning. The trunk of Elliot’s vehicle was open.

According to police reports, when the officer attempted to stop Elliot he sped up and went through the parking lots of the Pizza Hut and McDonalds at least twice, almost hitting two pedestrians. Elliot then headed northeast on Circular Street.

Police say that as Elliot was approaching the intersection of Circular and Lake Avenues, he slammed into a car, pushing it into another car. He also hit a police cruiser.

In all, six vehicles were damaged, several severely enough to be totaled.

Elliot was treated at the scene of the accident and placed under arrest. A person in one of the vehicles struck by Elliot was transported to Saratoga Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. One of the drivers whose car was hit by Elliot was treated at the scene, as was the police officer whose vehicle was struck.

Elliot has been charged with more than a dozen offenses, including driving while intoxicated. That charge is a Class D Felony because Elliot has had previous DWI convictions within the past ten years. He has also been charged with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and reckless endangerment.




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