Saratoga Snippets: A Jolt of Java

Saratoga Snippets: A Jolt of Java
A sneak peak inside Spot Coffee
Dan De Federicis

December 28 2012

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year.   Here’s what one Saratogian is thinking while digging out from this week’s storm:

* I’m pretty excited at the expected mid-January opening of Spot Coffee next to Price Chopper in the new Market Center at the corner of Railroad Place and Division Street.  I am from Buffalo and there are several Spot Coffees in that city, as well as Toronto and Rochester.  The company will also open a location in Glens Falls later in 2013.  Don’t expect Spot Coffee to be like Uncommon Grounds; Spot Coffee is an upscale and bright casual restaurant with many food options (gourmet pizza, anyone?) and I predict it will be a hit to the residents living in the apartments and condos on Railroad Place.  With the arrival of Spot Coffee, residents in those Railroad Place homes could go days without ever having to venture more than 100 yards or so from their front door.  Think about it: In that small area you have a Price Chopper, an upscale restaurant (Chianti), a casual restaurant (the aforementioned Spot Coffee), a dry cleaner, a bank, I believe more than one salon, and coming this spring - a movie theater.

* I sure had fun shopping at G. Willikers this Christmas season.  Did you know the same owner has stores in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany, as well as Westchester County and I believe a fourth one in Connecticut.  A Saratoga Treasure.

* Did you read this piece about South Broadway by Saratoga Springs Commissioner of Accounts John Franck?  I am glad this issue is being at least discussed, but South Broadway didn’t get that way overnight – I’d like to see some action.

* Did you see the Christmas lights at the house at the Northeast corner of Regent Street and Park Place?  I’ve never seen a 100 year old oak tree decorated with holiday lights until I saw that one.  Pretty cool – check it out.

* Here’s a timely link:  Check out Saratoga Mama’s listing of Saratoga County skating rinks, with a few right here in the Spa City.

* Performances I will be going out of my way to see at Saratoga Springs First Night:  Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Moshers, the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, The Spirit of Johnny Cash, and the Bluz House Rockers.

Around and About:

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* Holiday Greetings and, uh, a request for money from SPAC.

* Progressive Sale from Wild Birds Unlimited.

* Get $25 off your bill from Maestro’s.

OK folks, stay warm and I hope you enjoy First Night.

    Robert Millis on December 28 2012

    Boo..another chain arrives

    • Dan De Federicis on December 28 2012

      chains are fine and in my view even necessary to attain a balanced vibrancy downtown. You need a balance between local and chains, and they both make each other better.


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