Saratoga Snippets: Business Activity Downtown

Saratoga Snippets: Business Activity Downtown
Movement in the old Borders building
Dan De Federicis

December 21 2012

Well, here’s some great news for Saratoga Springs – the lights are back on in the Borders building on Broadway!   FingerPaint Marketing is preparing for their move in!  That’s great news for Broadway, and great news for Saratoga.  Check out Saratoga Wire’s story to learn more.

* Congratulations to jockey Norberto Arroyo Jr. on his 1000th thoroughbred race win on December 8th – Wohhhhh!  What’s that?  Jockey Norberto Arroyo, who was revoked from horse racing in New York, is back racing?  Yes, that looks to be the case.  You may recall that the jockey was arrested here in the Spa City in 2009 for cocaine possession; he was ultimately convicted and served less than a year of state prison time.  His license to race in New York State was at first suspended and then revoked, but he is now racing at Turfway Park in Kentucky and recently won his thousandth race there.  On the one hand I hate to advocate for a guy to be barred from earning a living from his talents, but horse racing already has a troubled reputation so it is a bit disconcerting that a jockey could have his riding privileges revoked here in New York, but then simply jump to a different state and race there.  Granted his license in Kentucky is listed as “conditional,” but it just seems that Arroyo is escaping any sort of administrative sanction from the horse racing industry for his misdeeds.  Has anyone in the Kentucky statehouse ever heard of reciprocity? 

* With last week’s closing of Elizabeth’s Table, here is my recollection of the Saratoga restaurants that have closed in the second half of 2012:  28 Tables, Sabinas, Tiznow, Turf Club, Russo’s, and the aforementioned Elizabeth’s Table.  Johnny’s Italian Ice Cream closed somewhere along the way as well.  Let’s hope the list doesn’t expand too much before the snow melts. 

* I mentioned last week about Fresh Market planning a store on Excelsior Avenue.  Don’t forget the Healthy Living Market store will be opening in the Wilton Mall, planned for 2013.  I have mixed feelings about these two new arrivals, which will compete at varying amounts with long-time Saratoga businesses Price Chopper (with two city stores), Putnam Market, and Four Seasons.  Price Chopper and Putnam Market already received some added competition with The Meat House and two new fish markets moving into the area in the past year or so.  Now the two aforementioned newly planned arrivals will compete with all three places.  Here’s hoping Spa City residents don’t flock in mass to the new pretty woman with the dress and forget the loyal (and still pretty) women that have been there for us for a long time supporting the local economy.

* Can you believe the Saratoga Race course 2013 meet will open on July 19th?  Damn…. that’s mid July.   Sure seems early, that’s for sure, but it’s just the way the calendar falls.  It will close on Labor Day as usual, which will also be a perceived early date of September 2.

* I read somewhere the other day where someone asked “What other city besides Saratoga has a new full service bookstore planned for its downtown?”   That’s a great realization –and don’t forget we have a new movie theater coming downtown as well.  I’m really excited about both. 


Around and about:

* The Wishing Well Restaurant’s December e-newsletter can be found here.

* The Olde Bryan Inn has a dozen wings and a brew special for $10.

* Countdown to Christmas at Wild Birds Unlimited!

* And the 12 Days of Christmas Delishmas continues at DZ Restaurants.  My spellcheck was indignant over that one.

* Read here about the Saratoga Arts Winter Break program for kids.

* Check out Purdy’s Wine and Spirit tastings for this weekend.


OK folks, that’s about it for now, have a great weekend and Christmas!



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