Saratoga Snippets: Movie Shot Locally Making it to Sundance

Saratoga Snippets: Movie Shot Locally Making it to Sundance
An Alicia Silverstone movie shot partially around Saratoga is finally being released
Dan De Federicis

December 7 2012

Take a minute of prayer to remember all of our veterans on this Pearl Harbor Day, as well as the victims of last weekend’s senseless car crash down in Clifton Park.

After that, here are a few much lighter thoughts of one Saratogian:

* The movie “Ass Backwards”, starring Alicia Silverstone, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jake Johnson, was partially filmed here in the Spa City as well as other Capital Region locations in 2010.  It ran into some financial troubles during production (causing some area vendors to get stiffed on their bills) but it apparently received an injection of new money , is back on track, and will be shown next month at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  Ass Backwards is another in a long line of movies filmed here in the Spa City, some good, some not so good.  We’ll see which category this one ultimately falls in.

* The Times Union reviewed The Merry Monk in Sunday’s edition and reviewer Cheryl Clark gave it good marks for the beer selection and staff, but so-so marks for the food.  You may recall that the Merry Monk is a Belgian beer house down in Albany that will soon open a second location in the former Tiznow location.

* I bought some king salmon at the Bon Ton Fish Market in Wilton earlier this week.  It was my first purchase from the Connecticut based vendor, and at 25 bucks a pound, it certainly wasn’t an inexpensive experience.  It was, however, worth every penny.   King salmon is a wild-caught variety high in flavorful fat that you usually can’t find at Price Chopper or other supermarkets.  It not only tastes better, but most experts find wild salmon healthier for various reasons than the farm-raised Atlantic salmon.  Price Chopper often offers some wild salmon, but it usually is cheaper, and arguably less tasty, versions than the delicious king species.  I hope to stop by Moby Rick’s over on Lake Avenue someday soon to peruse his offerings, or perhaps I’ll get something from the friendly and knowledgeable fisherman at Saturday’s Farmers’ Market.  Speaking of the Farmers’ Market, here is this week’s newsletter.

* That whole saga with the Winnans-Crippens house – the one at 66 Franklin that is dilapidated and ready to fall down from, take your pick, neglect or the wrecking ball – certainly is a sad one.  I hate to see beautiful and irreplaceable Spa City buildings disappear from the city’s fabric, but without laying blame on anybody here this one may be beyond saving, at least using a practical determination.

* Speaking of Spa City buildings, there was certainly an interesting article in today’s Saratogian regarding two building owners swapping buildings on Maple and Broadway.  The swap included 17 Maple (the building that housed Metro and 28 Tables) and 446 Broadway, (where Silverado, my nieces’ favorite store on the planet) is.  I had some thoughts back in August about what I would describe as a conflicting experience at 28 Tables, and of course it closed a few weeks later.  Let’s hope the new owner of the former Metro location can find something that will stay there long term.

* I’m excited about the Saratoga Regional YMCA’s Wilton branch expansion, which will be great for that location but also may take some pressure off the West Avenue facility.  The Wilton branch was functional but getting more tired by the day, so this is a very welcome development.

Around and about:

* Saratoga Arts is looking for volunteers for First Night.  Don’t forget to register for the First Night 5K, and here is the Saratoga Arts’ December update.

* Looking for a unique Christmas gift?  Check out this holiday message from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company.

* Or perhaps you can find a unique gift at Wild Birds Unlimited.  Here is the store’s December newsletter.

* Boca Bistro has a Tapas Trio with a draft beer or house wine special for just 8 bucks Monday through Thursday.  I need to check that out.

OK folks, that’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!



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