Saratoga Snippets: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Saratoga Snippets: It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
Carolers at the Victorian Streetwalk
Dan De Federicis

November 30 2012

Christmas, and therefore winter, sure seem to be knocking at our door.  Here’s what I’m thinking as I cast a wary eye at each falling snowflake:

* This year’s Victorian Streetwalk seemed to be blessed with decent weather, and therefore a good crowd.  I always say if you can stay dry you can stay warm, and this year’s festivities was accompanied by brisk – but precipitation free – weather.   The Streetwalk is another one of those events that reminds me why I live here and commute a combined hour and a half each day to Albany.

* I noticed in the Saratogian’s online edition that Gaffney’s Restaurant, which just recently celebrated thirty years in business, is now offering breakfast, lunch – and wifi even.  Well, good for John Baker and his staff for finding ways to get customers in the door.

* I have to get to G. Willikers soon – I love their window displays this time of the year.

* I don’t see a whole lot of social media action from the Inn at Saratoga, but I saw that the restaurant and hotel is holding a “romance package giveaway contest” on its Facebook page.  I see some Saratoga establishments being very active on social media, and some that simply aren’t.  I don’t know if I’d classify social media presence as an absolute must for restaurants and other hospitality related establishments, but for many, who seem to be suffering for customers, I wonder why they aren’t more active on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.

Around and about:

* Don’t forget Saratoga County Restaurant Week starts today.

* Capriccio Saratoga has some “Wicked cool” offerings, including a free pizza during the month of December.

* Click here to find out about Maestro’s at the Van Dam December events.

* The Farmers Market is bustling any time of the year.  Here is their latest newsletter

* The Saratoga Regional YMCA’s newsletter can be found here

OK folks, that’s it for now; have a great weekend.



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