Changes Downtown: Saratoga Snippets

Changes Downtown: Saratoga Snippets
Seafood on display at Moby Rick's
Dan De Federicis

November 23 2012

I hope your Thanksgiving was as nice as mine.  Here we go with a few thoughts for the week:

* Has anyone been to Moby Rick’s yet?  That’s the somewhat new seafood store on Lake Avenue where Pepper’s Deli used to be.  I heard Rick himself at the Farmer’s Market telling another customer how the fishing boats got battered down on Long Island during Hurricane Sandy.  I keep meaning to stop in there and get some fish for dinner – heck it’s 3 minutes from my house and I like supporting Saratoga’s neighborhood businesses.

* The Thirsty Owl Wine Tasting Room in the old Kimberly Inn on South Broadway at Lincoln looks like it’s almost done.  The building looks great.

* I keep meaning to get to PJ’s Barbecue, now known as PJ’s BarBQSA, for at least some takeout.  I want to support PJ and Carolyn Davis, but man it’s going to be weird walking in there in 20-something degree temperatures.

* There are a few people over at the Saratoga Springs Housing Authority that sure are an audacious bunch.  Those trips to Vegas sure smelled, huh?  It probably doesn’t rise to criminal level fraud, but man if Jim Murphy and his staff determined that it was, I’d sure let out a cheer.  Really disgusting.

* I never really had a chance to appreciate the fact that the old Borders location will be filled and the Lillian’s lot will soon have a bookstore.  Now with the City Center proposing a new parking ramp, we really should appreciate the fact that no matter how much bad news there is, there always seems to be some good news around the corner.  Sure the specifics of the City Center’s parking proposal need to be analyzed and perhaps significantly altered, but like I’ve said several times before - other small cities would kill to have Saratoga Springs’ problems.

* All this hubbub about Henry Street is well placed, but I’ve been writing about that little roadway since early 2009, when I first noted that it was one of Saratoga’s “hidden, and evolving, gems”.

* The Times Union reviewed Comfort Kitchen on Sunday, and gave it really good grades calling it a “first class upgrade” from fast food standbys.

* I mentioned last week that the now empty Turf Club/Springwater Inn location would make a great neighborhood tap room.  I also think it would be a good location for something Saratoga needs and could support – a piano bar.  You know, have a bunch of people sit around the grand piano as an engaging musician sings oh-so-familiar songs, and the half-drunk (OK in some cases fully drunk) crowd sings along with him.  “Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Carollllline, dah, dah, dah, Good times never seemed so good.”  OK, maybe only during track season just for a change of pace from an overcrowded downtown.

Around and about:

* Take a quick survey from SPAC and you could win a pair of one of three SPAC ticket packages.

* Save 20% on Virtual Gift Cards from Maestro’s through 9pm Sunday.

* See what is going on at the Wishing Well for the month of November.

* Read this important information from the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation about the fate of the Winans-Crippen House at 66 Franklin Street.

Well that about covers it for now.  Don’t forget the Victorian Streetwalk will be Thursday 11/29, and the Saratoga County Restaurant Week is going from November 30-December 6.  Have a great weekend!



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