Owners of Albany Belgian Beer House to Move Next Door to Henry Street Taproom: Saratoga Snippets

Owners of Albany Belgian Beer House to Move Next Door to Henry Street Taproom: Saratoga Snippets
Henry Street Taproom
Dan De Federicis

November 18 2012

And this week’s snippets are off and running:

·         I was happy to see the old gas station building at the corner of Union and East Avenues, which has been empty for at least the nearly seven years I have lived here, come down.  We are blessed with some good local corporate citizens like Adirondack Trust and Stewarts Shops. It is the latter one that owns that location and I appreciate the fact that the convenience store chain is making that prominent location, just across from the track, a nice park.  Thank you Stewarts!

·         Geez I feel sort of bad for Ryan and Sonja McFadden, the owners of the new Henry Street Taproom.  They get up and running for less than a month, and the owners of an Albany Belgian beer house, the Merry Monk, announced that they are moving in just a couple of doors down at the old Tiznow location.  I’ve been to the Merry Monk’s Albany location, and it’s a quality place, so let’s hope the different foci of beer types of the two establishments works in a complementary, rather than competitive way.  I was at the Henry Street Taproom recently, and it is a nice atmosphere inside and seems much bigger than the old Virgil’s House, which it replaced.  The beer was good too, and both Ryan and Sonja are gracious hosts, something that some other local proprietors don’t seem to get.

·         The old Turf Club location, in the Springwater Inn building, has a sign out front indicating “Restaurant for Lease”.  I don’t expect any new proprietors to open up this winter, but perhaps next spring.  I think a place that is like The Local, or the aforementioned beer houses, could succeed there – a place where East Side residents could walk to for beer, wine, and even darts perhaps.  Some quality but not necessarily expensive food would be great, and, perhaps most importantly, live music.  That Springwater location has seen three full service restaurants go out of business there in the past 3 and a half years.  Time for a new concept. 

·         Rumor:  The thought-to-be-scrapped building project that would knock down the Parting Glass and replace it with a multi-story building is back in the hopper.   Again, it’s only a rumor, but my source says that the Parting Glass would reopen in the new building.  

·         I saw Pennell’s Restaurant had an ad in the Albany Times Union, and it also listed the restaurant’s apparently new web site.  The web site is pretty basic, and I didn’t see any Facebook or Twitter links, but there was a time not too long ago that Pennell’s didn’t have any  web presence, so this is a start.

·         Here’s two pieces of news that I don’t know is new or old:  the old Pizza House/Alexandra’s Ice Cream has a notice on the Realty sign out front that it was sold, and the Thursday “What’s Happening” section of the Saratogian is now called “Weekender”.  That’s an improvement, “Weekender” may not necessarily be brilliant, but “What’s Happening” was just a bit too literal and unimaginative. 

·         The Wishing Well got a good review from Cheryl Clark in Sunday’s Times Union.

·         My wife and I had some takeout the other day from Izumi Sushi Asian Bistro and Lounge, in the old Pacific Grill location on Putnam Street.  It was pretty good, and at least a half a step up from its predecessor. 

·         The Brentwood Motel, over on Nelson and Gridley, is still for sale.  That location, so close to the track, needs something other than the Brentwood.  Trouble is with the Horseshoe having large (read: noisy) crowds during track season, it’s not like that location would be suitable for any sort of residences. 

OK, around and about:

·         DZ Restaurants will give 25% of its sales to The Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy relief efforts from its sales Sunday, November 18th  at all four of its area restaurants. 

·         SPAC is looking for donations, and its winter ball theme will be “Dallas”, as in the TV show

·         Saratoga Arts is selling early bird tickets to First Night at a discount, and is looking for volunteers for their New Years Eve celebration.

·         The Bread Basket has its Thanksgiving menu out.

·         If you’re looking to find out which Saratoga area restaurants are offering Thanksgiving choices, check out the Times Union’s Table Hopping blog listing here.

OK folks that’s it for now.  Have a great Thanksgiving.



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