Saratoga Snippets

Saratoga Snippets
Saratoga Farmers Market in the winter
Dan De Federicis

November 9 2012

As Election Day is behind us and we’re coming up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and, oh yea, winter, here’s what I’m thinking on a cold November day:

* Not only is Election Day behind us, but so is the 2012 Breeders’ Cup.  I truly believe we can host the Breeders’ Cup here in Saratoga Springs and I made the point before if Green Bay fans will sit in Lambeau Field in frigid weather to watch football, then diehard Saratoga fans will certainly sit through 40-something degree weather to see such a special event.  I wrote a commentary for the Times Union on this plan last year and started a Facebook page supporting the cause at that time as well.  My vision is not really taking off, but I still think it could work.

* I got a kick out of seeing the TV commercials for Saratoga Casino and Raceway that were shown during the Breeders Cup.  They showed a bunch of attractive twenty-something females at the Casino having a good ‘ol time.  That’s not a representation of the crowd I usually see hanging at the Saratoga Casino – I must be going on the wrong nights.  Don’t let my snarky comments dissuade you – click here to find out how you can get 10% off your group event there.

* Just down the street from the Casino, the Saratoga Six Condominiums are not only for sale, but they’re also for rent – On Craigslist even. If you’re going to be selling condos in this market, I guess it makes sense to get some rental income while the selling is slow.   I wrote about this project early last year when it was called “Jefferson Flats” condominiums.  They could have done some fun commercials with the “Movin’ on Up” theme from The Jeffersons television show.  OK, maybe not.

* The Saratoga Farmer’s Market moved indoors.  Or did it?  I noticed this past Saturday that a few of the vendors, including my favorite Kilpatrick Family Farm, are defying Mother Nature and staying outside for a few more weeks.

* I reported on Sabinas closing a few weeks ago. Now the Turf Club, down Union Avenue from Sabinas in the Springwater Inn building, has closed as well.  That’s sad news, but not necessarily surprising.

* The Saratoga Dog Park is a pretty cool place.  It’s another tiny thing that makes Saratoga Springs special.

* A few Saratoga snippets from some local newspaper blogs:  The Times Union Table Hopping blogs is reporting that the owners of Shirley’s is changing the name of the Jonesville Country Store, which they bought a while back.  The new name will be Shirley’s Café.  Congratulations to Druthers Brewing for winning the Maple Mix-off, by creating a Manhattan using Crown Royal Maple-Finished Whiskey.  Saratoga Olive Oil and Capriccio Saratoga are teaming up for a dinner this Sunday.  Finally, the Saratogian’s In the Biz blog is reporting that Ravenous is celebrating its 13th anniversary.

Around and about:

* This Saturday is Neighborhood Toy Store Day at G. Willikers.

* Mazzone Hospitality is collecting pajamas and books for Hurricane Sandy victims.

* Universal Preservation Hall’s November newsletter is out. This Saturday will also be Taylor’s Heroes Rock of Ages Birthday Bash at UPH.  It is a charity event to be held in honor of Taylor Miller, who died serving our country in Afghanistan in 2010.  Proceeds will benefit the promotion of health and wellness in children including the fight against childhood obesity.

* Customer Appreciation Days are here at Wild Birds Unlimited!

* Beer Tasting at Boca and Wine Dinner at Chianti.

Have a great weekend!



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