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Final Budget Workshop On Tap for Thursday Night

Final Budget Workshop On Tap for Thursday Night
The city's 2013 comprehensive budget proposal
Dale Willman

November 1 2012

The city council holds the last in a series of public workshops on the 2013 comprehensive budget Thursday night. This workshop presents a final opportunity for the public to discuss the budget process with council members.

The budget was presented to the council by Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan at the October 2nd meeting. The budget, which totals $39,794,135, shows a good financial picture for the city overall. The budget is a six percent increase over last year’s budget, but it does not entail any major increase in taxes.

One reason for an optimistic outlook is a surprise jump in sales tax revenue. The city is projecting more than $10 million in sales tax will be collected this year.

The city council is required to adopt a comprehensive budget by November 30th. If it does not, the budget proposed by Commissioner Madigan will be adopted by default.

Thursday’s meeting begins at 6:30pm in council chambers at the back of City Hall.



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