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Photo Essay: Saratoga Celebrates Halloween

Photo Essay: Saratoga Celebrates Halloween
Halloween at Palazzo Riggi
Hannah Sherman

October 31 2012

Halloween is as American now as, well, ghosts and goblins. Or Hershey’s and Reese’s.

And Halloween Saratoga-style means an annual over the top celebration on North Broadway at Palazzo Riggi.

Posing with Cinderella

Ron and Michele Riggi find new ways each year to entertain kids and their parents. This year there were two live horses and free apple cider and donuts. A pumpkin carriage sat on the lawn while Michele Riggi posed for pictures dressed as Cinderella. The line for pictures stretched for 50 feet or more in either direction.

The carriage awaits Cinderella

We’re wondering what will happen to the carriage at midnight.

The award for scariest trick-or-treating spot in Saratoga goes perhaps to the Family Vision Center on Lake Avenue. Three people in costume accompanied by loud creepy music were jumping out of a coffin or the bushes and waving their arms around at approaching youngsters. And a hidden sound system allowed someone to create an unearthly voiceover for the musical soundtrack.

Halloween at Family Vision Center

Our photographer braved the scene long enough to run up the stairs and snap a picture. Or so she says. We suspect there was some sort of sugar incentive involved in getting her up there.

Jill Ward and Annie Hollyer

Kids enjoying trick-or-treating

Sponge Bob and friends

Photo Credits: Hannah Sherman, Dale Willman



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