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Head of the Fish Concludes Second Day Sunday: Photo Essay

Head of the Fish Concludes Second Day Sunday: Photo Essay
The coveted trophies, namesakes of the event
Dale Willman

October 28 2012

The Saratoga Rowing Association (SRA) closed out its fall season on Sunday with the second day of the Head of the Fish Regatta. The event is one of the premier rowing events in the northeast, with teams from across the region participating. This year 1,700 boats were entered in the two days of races.

A crowded finish line

Sunday the high school rowing programs raced, including SRA. Races began on Fish Creek east of Stafford Bridge Road, and finished just before reaching the bridge carrying 9P over the northern end of Saratoga Lake.

Returning to shore after racing

Just as on Saturday, hundreds of people lined the banks and the bridge at the finish line to cheer on their favorite teams.

For a second day the weather cooperated for the rowers. The morning was warm with some sunshine from time to time. By afternoon a light wind was creating some slight chop on the water, but the temperatures remained close to perfect. And the lowering sun provided a nice backdrop for amateur photographers.

A boat traffic jam waiting to return to shore after racing

Managing the movement of 1,700 boats is a difficult task, and requires the help of dozens of volunteers. Many remain on shore helping to keep the launch sites operating smoothly.

The busy launch site on the eastern side of the lake

Other volunteers were in boats to help the rowers get to the starting line, and to encourage them to move along. And some simply stood by in case of an emergency. The Quaker Springs Fire and Rescue boat saw little action over the weekend, but was called in to help Sunday afternoon after two boats bumped each other near the starting line.

An emergency crew responding to a minor incident

The collision appeared to be minor – the biggest problem seemed to be getting the boats back out of the weeds that line the side of the riverbank. One high schooler was taken away on the rescue boat, but he seemed more tired than shaken up.

A minor incident put two boats in the weeds momentarily

The primary goal, of course, is good racing. And there was plenty of that available all day.




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