A Business Roundup

A Business Roundup
"Vintage Vegas" on October 11th - Provided by SPAC
Dan De Federicis

October 5 2012

Hello folks.  Here’s a roundup of just a few Saratoga Springs business and other happenings this week:

* One of the things that makes our city such a special arts location is The Saratoga Film Forum.  Don’t forget it - now or when the new Bowtie cinema comes to Railroad Place.  Playing this weekend:  “Beasts of the Southern Wild”.  The film received mostly very positive reviews, including this one in Rolling Stone Magazine

* It’s not winter that’s approaching.  The folks at Wild Birds Unlimited call it – what else – birdfeeding season!  Click here for their latest e-newsletter.

* Enough about winter, because we’re just getting into the swing of fall.  Click here for Saratoga Coffee Trader’s October newsletter, which includes a 10% off coupon on Hot Apple Cider.

* Fall and winter mean great restaurant deals for Spa City residents.  Tuesday’s pizza and salad takeout deals at Forno Bistro are a great deal.   For more DZ Restaurant information, click here.

* Continuing on restaurants, Duo is offering a $25 prix fix menu for both those dining in or taking out.

* The leaves may be falling, but the Saratoga Performing Arts Center is still rising – at least on the fundraising front.  They are holding a “vintage Vegas” at Vapor Night Club on October 11th to benefit SPAC’s classical programming.

* Continuing with SPAC, President and Executive Director Marcia White has her faults, but the hatred leveled at her on a somewhat regular basis is ridiculous.  She’s done a great job keeping SPAC programming going, but some people will blame her for every problem.  This letter in the Saratogian blames Ms. White and Susan Reed, President of the SPAC board, for next summer’s proposed shortened New York City Ballet season.  Hey, the crowd just doesn’t support the ballet like it used to, and those that do show up are a rather graying crowd.  Yes Marcia White has to do more to attract attendees that will support the SPAC programming now and in the future, but she also has to keep SPAC in the black, and she’s doing a great job at that.  She can’t perform miracles.

* The Saratoga Farmers Market is still in its outdoor High Rock Park location through October.  Click on the Market’s web site to find out what’s happening, and to subscribe to its newsletter.

OK folks, that’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend!

    Geo Neary on October 11 2012

    Marsha White has kept SPAC finances in the black while running the NYCB out of town. Where are the priorities of this so called Arts Center? From 3-2-1-? weeks for the NYC Ballet during White's leadership. Also, announced higher prices next year classical events. To sum up - she has nearly killed off the NYCB, allows LIVE NATION to kill SPAC's reputation for less 'rent' money and higher beer prices, etc. for the fans and has seen membership and endowment shrink during her reign. I think the FACTS totally support the OPPOSITE of your idea that Marsha attracts classical attendees. (More facts and articles can be found at savethenycballet.wordpress.com)


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