Discovering Faith: Captain Amber Boone

Discovering Faith: Captain Amber Boone
Discovering Faith with Amber Boone
Aaron Sr

September 2 2012

Saratoga Wire is pleased to introduce our first series on the topic of faith in our lives. Every Saturday and Sunday we will bring you a community member speaking about an issue of faith.

We are grateful to have many voices joining us on this faith journey – from Catholics to Methodists to the Salvation Army. Two Jewish temples are represented, along with a Buddhist and the Presbyterian Church. And we hope to have a few other voices before we’re done that might surprise you a bit.

While we hope you will join us for this conversation, we also hope that you will participate. Please add your thoughts in our discussion section. And in a few weeks we will be sponsoring a community gathering to talk about faith. We hope you’ll join us there as well.

We’re continuing the discussion this week with a very simple question – “What does faith mean to you?”
Our essay comes from Captain Amber Boone.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"
Hebrews 11:1

Don't stop reading! But when asked to define something that you have spent all your life doing, and have spent all your life being, it requires some thought and I figured I would start with a great scripture.

For me faith is a difficult thing to define. I asked Jesus into my life at a very young age. I was three years old when I first started my relationship with Christ. Because of that I have had more years than most for my faith to grow.

So what is the best way to describe my faith? A light switch! When you walk into a dark room, you automatically reach for the light switch. Have you ever done it when you know the power is out? I have. Why? Because it is automatic.

If you have been doing something for so long it gets easier to do so. We don't think about the wires running to that light switch, the current going through the wires, the pole that brings the wires into the house every time we flip the switch.

Because of that which God has done for me, what He is doing FOR me, I have Faith that He will continue to help me. That is faith.

Every time I have faith, I don't think about all of those things; that is faith.

To continue on with the same illustration, the light switch doesn't move, doesn't change color, it flips the same way every time and it never changes. But every time I go in that room and flip the switch I would hope that I have changed. At least on different days I shouldn't be wearing the same clothes, maybe have my hair different, and other ways that I can change.

So it is with God. So it is with faith! Every time I meet with Him, have faith in Him, I am different and He never is. That is how our faith grows. Every time we go through something, the good the bad or the ugly, God changes us and our faith in Him.

So I hope you start to think about what is faith! What exactly is it to you? What does it mean to you? Mull it over! What a great way to start a faith experience.

Amber and Aaron Boone are Captains at The Salvation Army in Saratoga Springs

Illustration contributed by local artist, Shawn Banner



    Aaron Sr on September 5 2012

    Not that new. We've been here a year.


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